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Cheap, Healthy Eats: Roasted Sweet Potato

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I love sweet potatoes, especially their versatility. You can add them to something spicy, sweet, or savory, and they add great flavor.

One of my favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes is about as simple as it gets – turn on oven, chop, stir, put in the oven to roast, stir once, done. I roast sweet potatoes much like most people would do regular potatoes – think “homestyle potatoes” with some onion and spices. And of course, a little something to dip them in.

Roasted Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have some great nutritional components including beta carotene and more fiber than their white counterpart. When I roast them, I add some onion and spices to round out their sweetness.

My cooking philosophy is less than precise. You’ll see general measurements. Feel free to modify. Take charge in the kitchen! 🙂


1 Sweet Potato

½ Medium Onion

1Tbls. (or so) Oil (I use Coconut oil, but olive, canola, or another mild oil will work!)

1 to 1½ Tbls. Barbecue Spice Blend (Or another herb/spice blend that you like)

A little salt and pepper (to taste)

Set the oven to about 375 degrees. Peel the “ugly parts” of the skin off of the potato. Leave the rest – fiber! Chop into cubes – about ½ inch. Slice the onion how you like. I like to keep the pieces long and skinny so that they crisp up a bit. Put them in a pan, add your oil, then add the spices and stir it around so each piece gets a little of the oil spicy goodness. I got a great BBQ spice mix when I was in Istanbul, so I don’t have a brand to recommend in the States, but just make sure it doesn’t have salt – that way you can moderate how much salt you like. Bake it for about 12 minutes, stir, check to see if the potatoes are soft enough to stab with a fork, then bake for at least a few minutes more until they can be poked with your fork without much effort.

Then comes the sauce!

Very likely, you don’t need to buy a thing for this. Just check your condiments in your fridge. You could stick with the standard Ketchup with potatoes, or start mixing it up:

My favorite combination for roasted sweet potatoes is just equal parts of mustard and ketchup. If you’re adventurous, use spicy mustard or Dijon. (And if you don’t already know, the beautiful thing about mustard is that it has about 5 calories plus a burst of flavor.)

Roasted Sweet Potato and Sauce

Since I don’t have any ketchup at the moment, I checked the fridge for other goodies. I pulled out some spicy German mustard, a little dollop of Greek yogurt, a dash of spicy garlic sauce, and a spoonful of diced tomatoes that were already in my fridge. Sounds a little strange, yes, but it was delicious!

Add a fried egg or other protein, some fruit for dessert, and you have a well-rounded, cheap, super easy meal!


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